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October 14, 2008

Reminds Me of the Ocean

What do we think of these? I thought they were shoes at first, but they're actually listed in the slippers section, so that answers that. I probably only would have worn them around the house anyways. Or to get the mail. Or to take photos around my apartment building in my pajamas. Doesn't $55 seem a bit steep for slippers? But perhaps it's worth it if you can wear them outside?

I've been planning on ranting and raving about high fructose corn syrup (Have you seen the commercials? They make me so MAD!) but I don't have it in me. Sunday night I cooked a whole bunch of food for some friends, which was a ton of fun (and oh my gosh, we sat 4 people at our little table and it worked out okay - must invite more people over for dinner), but by the time everything was said and done (like most of the dishes) it was nearly midnight, and we had to work the next day. Then last night we entertained one of Cyrus' out-of-town co-workers and spent the evening at the pub, which was also lots of fun, but oh my gosh, I am TIRED. I'm still planning on raving about the corn syrup, but not quite yet.

Also, I have a fabulous new coat.



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