October 22, 2008

Resting in Peace

I haven't forgotten about the high-fructose corn syrup rant, I promise. A couple of things have happened this week (and it's only Wednesday) and I feel like I need to document them here before I get all upset about sugar substitutes.

First off, the boyfriend and I celebrated four years together on Monday. He's even started a little bit of a tradition with the anniversaries. He buys me a rose for every year we've been together, and then we go out to dinner at The Left Bank. Both of these things have only occurred twice during our relationship, but I think more than once makes it tradition, yes? For a little back story on me and the boy, you can read my post for our one-year anniversary.

Second, it is with a heavy heart that I tell you my 17 year old cat died yesterday. The photo above is one of the last I took of her when we went to visit my Dad a couple of weekends ago. The past couple of years she's been really starting to show her age, and I had sort of been expecting a phone call or e-mail any day with the news of her passing. However, I didn't expect to get it last night while we were in the middle of watching the Simpson's Movie (damn my obsessive e-mail checking). Ah well. So not all that surprising, but still very sad. She was a good cat, and I'll miss her tons.

And with that, I wish you a happy Wednesday. I'll be ranting about that corn syrup soon...



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