The Laundry Layering Technique
November 09, 2008


When it's a bit chilly outside, there is almost nothing better than a giant pile of warm laundry. The other night, I did two rather large loads of laundry and ended up with one glorious warm pile and one not so dry pile. Now, the dryers in my building are not the type where you can just add another quarter for another 15 minutes of drying time. No, no, that would be too convenient! Our dryers require one dollars worth of quarters for 48 minutes. And when that's up, the only option is another 4 quarters and another 48 minutes. Since the pile of whites was almost dry, I didn't want to go through the hassle of hauling everything back to the laundry room for another 48 minutes of tossing and turning.

So I experimented. I normally lay out everything flat, let it sit for a bit, and then fold. So I thought, why not layer some of the not so dry stuff in between the dry stuff? Maybe the heat from the dry clothes will help finish drying the still marginally damp clothes? Or possibly the not so damp clothes will make the dry clothes less dry? I was willing to take that chance.

So I layered everything I could (mostly t-shirts) and anything else that was damp was just going to have to air dry. I waited about half an hour, and then started folding. And to my genuine surprise, it worked! The not so dry clothes were now dry! Amazing!

And sadly, these are the things I get excited about now-a-days. I'm going to have to go through and read some of my really old blog entries, because I've kind of forgotten what I used to write about...



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