Coating the Issue
November 16, 2008


You all know that I have a thing for shoes. You probably didn't know, however, that I also have a thing for coats and jackets. Actually, I didn't really realize this either until I noticed the other day that my growing collection of coats is taking up almost as much closet space as the shoes.

Here's the run down:

  1. Long black "rain" coat found on clearance at the gap (possibly 8 years ago...eep!)

  2. Black waterproof REI jacket (purchased for hiking in rainy weather) - has a removable hood!

  3. Turquoise corduroy pea coat from the Gap (from 3 years ago)

  4. Black pea coat made out of sweatshirt material from the Gap (last year, maybe?)

  5. Blue and grey REI insulated jacket that I bought to go camping when it's very cold (which we did once before I bought the jacket, and hasn't happened since - probably a good thing it was on sale)

  6. Black faux velvet "swing" jacket from Old Navy (last year)

  7. Classic jean jacket from Old Navy - a wardrobe staple, no?

  8. Ben Sherman long brown asymmetrical buttons coat - possibly one of my favorites, but not the warmest

  9. Black J. Crew pea coat which I wrote about here

  10. Grey cropped wool-blend pea coat - purchased last night with the aid of a 30% off coupon. Because I NEEDED another coat. Obviously.

  11. A black cotton pea coat bought at target last year

  12. Black cotton zip up jacket from Old Navy (many years old with rather small sleeves)

Those last two are actually in a bag to go to the Goodwill, so I suppose I could subtract them from the total, but I didn't list two freebie jackets from work (those soft shell style sporty jackets, but they have a bunch of logos on them so I almost never wear them). So, that brings the total back to 12. What individual needs a dozen different pieces of outerwear? Apparently I DO. And how many do I wear on a regular basis? Probably 3 (depending on the weather). I think there are some people out there with less pairs of shoes (though I don't know how they possibly get by).

Clearly, I've got another addiction, but at least it's not quite as bad as the shoes.




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