Miles Davis Kitteh
December 08, 2008

Miles vs. the Cone

I had planned on writing a little something about a visit to PetSmart a few weeks ago that ended with me in tears. (It really wasn't as tragic as I'm making it sound. It's just that I can't handle seeing the cats and kittens in little boxes.) Seeing as how that might be a bit depressing for a Monday morning, I think I'll tell you about Miles instead.

About a month ago, a car showed up at the end of the street near a friend's house, and they happened to be outside to see it and hear the car door open and then close, and then the car drove away. When our friends went over to investigate, they found a cat sitting in the bushes.

They took him in, and then took him to the Humane Society (where one of these friends happens to work), and a vet determined that the cat had a broken leg. (Yeah, someone dumped a broken cat in the bushes to fend for himself. Real nice.) The vet put a cast on the broken leg, and our friend brought the newly named "Miles" home for foster care.

A few days later, I get a text message from Regan saying, "I found you a cat." To which I replied, "O RLY?" after a few more messages back and forth, it was decided that we would come over to meet Miles the next day. He was mellow, totally content to hang out on our laps, and getting around surprisingly well considering the comically large cast on his leg. As we were leaving, I mentioned that we'd have to go home and discuss the decision to adopt him. Almost immediately, the boyfriend says, "Um, we can adopt him." So that pretty much settled it.

Last Wednesday the cast came off, and by Saturday afternoon he was riding home with us. We still need to keep a pretty close eye on him. He's not supposed to be jumping (because of the leg), and he's been licking a spot on that same leg (which was probably there before the cast was put on) that needs to heal, so he's got to wear an Elizabethan collar for a few days (the first few minutes after we put the collar on him were simultaneously sad and hilarious). So far though, he's adjusted really well, and I'm so happy to have a pet in the house again. I've even started a flickr set for him.



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