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December 11, 2008

Gardening at Night

I have never thought of myself as "That Person Who Talks About Her Cat", unless I'm in the company of other people who are okay with the kitteh talk. My previous cat did all sorts of interesting things (eating rubber bands, peas, and part of a necklace to name a few), but I never felt the need to just tell everyone about my weird but highly amusing cat. I think this kept me safely away from the Crazy Cat Lady label.

So now we have Miles and he's awesome. He had a complimentary wellness check-up yesterday and he totally ACED it. He was completely fine hanging out in the exam room and investigating everything (also trying to eat a plant, but I couldn't blame him - it was on the floor at cat height. And a note to the vet office: Why did you put a plant in one of the exam rooms at cat height? Are you trying to encourage your clients to eat said plant? Because THEY WILL). He was SO good about all the poking and prodding and only got slightly upset when the vet was feeling his gimpy leg to make sure it had healed okay. There was absolutely no biting, scratching, or hissing. The vet tech called him handsome. The vet proclaimed him to be in excellent health, and said that his small ears were well placed and almost made him look like a teddy bear. I was SO PROUD of him! It was as though he had gotten the highest score on the math test or something. I wanted to call the boyfriend and my mom right away and tell them! So excited! And then I remembered...HE'S A CAT.

What's that saying? Realizing the problem is half the battle? So obviously I have a touch of The Crazy Cat Lady, but I'm very aware of it. But seriously, if you met Miles, you would totally understand!

There I go again...

If everything I write from now on is about my cat, would someone please slap me?



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