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December 18, 2008

Little Jewels

Last month, I had half of a vodka pie crust recipe left over, so i threw it in the freezer. Last Sunday, I decided to use it to make little apple hand pies (inspiration from here). It defrosted beautifully in the fridge, and it was just as perfect to work with as it has been weeks earlier. People, I think this just may be the best pie dough recipe ever. And thank jeebus, because the two bottles of vodka in my freezer ought to get used for something (we're more beer and wine folk).

I am woefully behind on holiday preparedness. I made a conscious decision to not put up our little silver tree because of the kitteh. He's finding enough mischief without throwing a tree with dangly sparkly things in the mix. But everything else? Totally behind. I didn't really order any gifts until last Friday (and I still have a couple more to get). I ordered holiday cards on Saturday (who knows when I'll actually get around to the SENDING part). I haven't wrapped a damn thing. OH. And I have knitting to do (which will be another kitteh temptation). Also, there are cookies and baked treats to be made (haven't even picked out the recipes). On the plus side, I'm just kind of "meh" about the whole thing. I figure it'll all get done eventually, even if it gets done late. And I'm okay with that. (I just hope everyone else is.)

Some of my favorite things at the moment:

  • this green curry paste Casey found at Ranch 99. Cook rice, saute veggies, add green curry paste, add coconut milk, and dinner is served!
  • my faux fur-lined hoodie from Old Navy. It's perfect for evening walk about town - keeps the ears warm without totally flattening the hair.
  • Hulu - it's our Tivo. We're been catching up on The Office and 30 Rock and it's AWESOME.
  • The holiday brew at the Tied House. It's like drinking a glass of pie. Seriously. You could put a dollop of whipped cream on the top and call it dessert. SERIOUSLY.



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