To Ugg or Not to Ugg, That is the Question
December 22, 2008


In one week, I'll be on my way up to Bellingham to see my mum for the holidays. I don't know if you've been checking the weather in the Pacific Northwest, but there's like snow and stuff. I just checked the weather, and the high for the Monday that I arrive? Forty One degrees. Fahrenheit. Apparently this is warm compared to the 11 degree weather they've been having. Fun.

Basically, I'm going to need to keep warm. Warmer than I'm used to. I think I've got the clothing to cover it, but I'm worried about the shoes. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need boots. I have some 14-eye docs that I could bring, but they're not totally broken in. I've also go the motorcycle boots which are a bit more comfortable (maybe if i wore them with wool knee-socks?), but I don't know how weather resistant they are. So now I'm sort of considering shoes that I never though I would ever THINK about buying: Uggs.

Not the regular classic Uggs though. Most likely the Brooks boot (I can't decide if I can get away with the short version or if I should just go for the tall style). I think I'd probably still wear them even when I'm not in Bellingham during winter. But I dunno. I'm going to be there for a week, and I think it'll be cold the whole time. The snow may be over with, but I think there will definitely be some rain. And, oh yeah, it will be cold. Much colder than this native Californian is used to.

So, what do you think Internet? Should I ensure the warmth of my feet and splurge on some Ugg boots? I'm sure I'll be in Bellingham during the winter again, so it may be worth the investment. Or should I attempt to just go with something I have and chance cold feed and possibly ruining a decent pair of boots? Or do you have other boot suggestions? I'm kind of on the fence about the whole thing, and I need your help to tip me one way or the other...



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