My Year So Far
January 04, 2009

Charleston Slough Naturey Crap

Things I have done so far in 2009:

  • catch a cold
  • slip and fall on my Mum's stairs (I now have a bruised bum) - which I also did two years ago (on a different set of stairs) which I guess makes this a very not fun tradition.
  • shovel snow! (I am convinced that it has snowed the past few morning simply because my Mum mentioned that "It's not supposed to snow while you're here."
  • many, many crossword puzzles in the Bellingham Herald
  • Ate the best yam chips ever at the little cafe in downtown Fairhaven.

All in all, not so bad. I head back home tomorrow which I am a little bit sad about but also a little bit glad. I really miss the cat.

Oh, and the boyfriend too.



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