All I Ever Wanted
July 16, 2009

Naturey Crap, v. Dad's Backyard

I haven't been able to shut up and the fact that I'm on vacation. I AM ON VACATION! I did the same thing around the same time last year, but for some reason, I'm extra excited to be off this time. Maybe it's because my mum moving to a different state gives me an excuse to travel and an excuse to see friends who have moved away. Or maybe because after a week up in the pacific northwest I get to come home and do nothing for a few days, and then head up to a retreat in Big Sur where the road is so windy and untrodden that they warn you that your car with automatic transmission might not make it. We're mostly going for the food, but it'll be kind of nice to be completely off the grid for a couple of days. From what I can tell, they don't even have phones (which I'm pretty sure means no internet either).

So, yeah. I. Am. On. VACATION. I'm hoping to see some friends, hang out with some family (including my new step-niece who I have not yet met), and really hoping to take a lot of photos.



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