July 20, 2009

Marks the Spot

My vacation so far (in incomplete sentences):

  • Pike Place Market! I hadn't been in years, and it was still fabulous
  • eating at Matt's with a view of the water and the action of Pike Place
  • Trophy Cupcakes!
  • spending time with my awesome friend/chauffeur/tour guide
  • meeting my almost 8 month old niece for the first time...she's totally awesome. If you met her, you'd think so too (I have lots of photos).
  • the spending of the time with the family
  • riding on a boat! while still in the car! Also known as a ferry. (also, my first ever ferry ride)
  • driving around an island
  • I'll tell you about the slug in my step-brother's salad later
  • fresh Dungeness crab for dinner from a local place down by the water
  • the Symphony! which was fantastic, and why have I not gone before now? (Maybe it was all the old people? But they were cool. One of them thought I was in my early twenties!)
  • girls day out with my mum, step-sister in law and niece
  • glass of wine + sunset on the deck every night

My only gripe so far (and it's rather small) is that it's been way warmer here than I expected (but despite my best efforts, I managed to pack weather appropriate clothes). I miss the boyfiance and the kitteh, but not enough yet to come back early. I think there may be more ferry rides in my future!



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