Burning Up
September 03, 2009

Flying Home

Remember what I wrote at the end of July about Tassajara and how bloody hot it was?

So get ready for this, because even I'm still suffering from a bit of disbelief...

I'm leaving for Burning Man tomorrow.

If I hadn't spent the past three nights preparing and packing for it, I'd probably still not really believe I was going.

A friend of the Almost Sister-in-Law asked her to go this year and she didn't want to say no, she also didn't want to drive by herself (her friend went up earlier in the week), so she asked me to come along. I figured it might be interesting to go at least once and check it out...if the opportunity presented itself. Little did I know that opportunity would be THIS year. I didn't even think I'd be able to get the time off from work (especially since I gave them such short notice), but they're letting me go (despite one of our other designers being on vacation). After getting a green light for a couple days of vacation, it was kind of hard to say no.

Yes, I'm worried about the heat. It was 100 degrees in the Bay Area last Saturday and I didn't fare well (though that was partly my fault for not staying hydrated). But at least this time I'm sort of prepared for it. The thing is, I don't know that I'll ever have another opportunity to go, especially with someone who knows the ropes (the ASIL has been 4 times). I also have a few other friends who are going (and there's a rumor that a friend of one of those friends has an RV...with AIR CONDITIONING).

Can you see why I couldn't really say no? Everything sort of fell in to place (in a matter of DAYS) and I think had I decided not to go, I probably would have regretted it. Of course I'm bringing the camera (the old Rebel, because I won't get too upset if it comes home caked with dust inside and out), so I hope to take lots of photos. And we're bringing water. LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER.



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