Awfully Good
November 23, 2009


We went out to dinner on Saturday and a kind of funny thing happened with dessert. When it was all straightened out, the boy-fiance remarked, "Now you have something to blog about!" Which is true, I do have something to blog about! Yay! But reflecting on it a few days later, I'm not sure how funny it was that my affogato, which was supposed to be a cup of espresso with a scoop of vanilla gelato, ended up arriving at the table with lemon sorbet.

I suppose it's a little funny that it took me a good five minutes or so to realize it wasn't right. Maybe I had heard the waiter wrong? I've seen espresso served with an orange or lemon peel along side and maybe they were trying to expand on that idea? I ended up stealing a bite of the boy-fiance's dessert to confirm that mine was indeed wrong and our waiter quickly brought me a new, correct affogato.

While the lemon/espresso combo wasn't that good, it wasn't totally terrible either. However, the real affogato was all sorts of awesome. The gelato cuts the bitter of the espresso and the espresso cuts the sweet of the gelato. It's a simple but very perfect combination.

I'm sure the restaurant didn't invent affogato, but everything we ordered was delicious (specifically, the best pizza I have ever had...EVER), so it shouldn't have surprised me that the dessert was fantastic too.

I kind of can't wait to go back. And maybe next time I'll try the lemon sorbet, but without the espresso.



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