December 30, 2009


I am so ready for this year to be over. I'm done.

Though I was kind of done with 2009 last January, but there wasn't much I could do about it then. I know every year has it's ups and downs, but I felt like this year was full of extremes. I got engaged to the boyfriend (no, we have not set a date yet, and yes, I'm okay with that), my grandma passed away, and a friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer (treatable cancer, but still not something you want to happen to anyone). And then there was the minor stuff like losing my brand new iPod (which I still have not replaced - mostly because the fabulous JenB sent me one she wasn't using - but I'm running out of room on that one, so I think I'm due for a replacement soon), and falling down on my Mom's stairs right after the new year.

Since we're on the subject, I continued the holiday injury tradition this year by spraining my ankle a couple of days before Christmas (I was carrying laundry back to the apartment and missed the last step on a flight of stairs). I suppose it could have been worse (it could have been broken); I can put weight on that foot, so hobbling around hasn't been too bad. Also, it gave me an excuse to buy new shoes (I didn't have anything that would work with the ankle brace I've been wearing).

(Apparently I'm all about parentheses today.)

So, yeah. I'm ready for 2010. BRING IT ON.

I'm not going to mention any sort of resolutions because I never keep them. Though I am going to do my darndest to learn to play the ukulele, because I ended up with TWO of them. (Kids, this is what happens when you tell your boy-fiance that you want a ukulele for christmas and then don't remove it from you amazon wishlist so your mom gets you one too.)

Oh, and I'm going to try and keep writing here. Even if it's not very often. Because after nine years (official anniversary is tomorrow!), I feel like I can't stop NOW.

So happy (early) new year to you. May it be merry and bright!



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