Please, Mr. Postman
February 25, 2010

Don't Fence Me In

You guys, I think I might have accidentally pissed off my mail delivery person. There hasn't been any mail in our box for two days, and I'm concerned. HIGHLY CONCERNED!

Almost 2 weeks ago, I went to go retrieve the mail (which, in my little life brings me great joy) and found that the box was so crammed full of mail-ness, that I couldn't even turn the latch to open the box. I WAS VERY UPSET. Partly because this isn't the first time there's been an issue, but mostly because I WANT MY MAIL.

Our building has one of those mail boxes made up of smaller mail boxes that require a key to open. From what I can tell, the mail person can open a large door on the back and just start putting all the mail in, real easy-like. The thing is, I think there might be more room when mail is put in the boxes from that side. More than once, I've had to slowly extract a slightly larger than normal package that's been crammed in there and damaged it in the process because there's an EDGE on my side of the box and the thing I'm trying to pull out of the box is getting ripped and caught on that edge. NOT COOL. But I've never said anything.

Until now.

In a fit of WHITE HOT RAGE, I marched back to my apartment and fired off a rather angry e-mail to the USPS. Something along the lines of, "I can't get my mail and this is unacceptable!" Which wouldn't help me immediately get my mail box open, but made me feel better. The next morning, I left a note (which was much nicer in tone) on the back of the mail boxes explaining that I couldn't get my mail and could the item blocking the latch please be removed and placed on my doorstep. The mail person arrived later that day (I happened to be home because I was coughing up a lung) and he knocked when he placed the formerly crammed package at my door. When I opened the door he explained that it had been his day off and I wasn't the only one that had an issue. Well, that explains it! I had my mail and I was a happy camper. I forgot about the angry e-mail I had sent.

Until two days ago.

I actually received a reply! They had spoken to my mail carrier and he had been instructed to not do that anymore.

Uh oh.

It's not totally unreasonable that we haven't had any mail for two days, but I am expecting something and it's possible it could have arrived today...I wasn't REALLY expecting it to be there today, but I also wasn't expecting NO MAIL.

I'm crossing my fingers that it's a total fluke. I LOVE getting mail (possibly too much) and it would be tragic if I upset the person who brings that beloved mail to me. We'll see what happens tomorrow the mean time, I may look in to other options for mail delivery...changing my name? P.O. Box? Moving? I gots to get my mail!



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