I've Got Mail
February 27, 2010


Today, I got mail! Catalogs, packages, and bills...oh my! So even if I did upset my mail carrier (hopefully not, though), I'm still getting my mail. Yay! (Except for the bills. I wouldn't mind if he kept those.)

I also did an impromptu photo shoot with the cat today. The boy-fiance distracted him with a mouse, and I snapped away. The light was great, and the cat didn't catch on that I was taking photos (most of the time he wanders away) and some of the shots turned out pretty well. Then I went outside and took a few naturey crap photos before the sun went down and it reminded me that I really need to figure out an everyday bag solution for having my camera with me more often.

Since the last time I was looking for a camera bag/purse solution more options have become available. Epiphanie, *emera, and Jo Totes all are lovely, but none of them are really "me". I'm just not a purse person. I'm all about the over the shoulder satchel style bag (this is what I currently cart around). So I thought the new SLR Sloop over at Photojojo would be a good option, but I don't know that I want to shell out $149 for something I'm not totally sure about. I also don't necessarily want to carry around the entire contents of my camera bag. Probably just the camera with a lens and maybe an extra lens. At this point, the important part is just having the camera with me (and not damaging it in the process).

But! I think I may have figured out a solution...I've got a bag (from Lug!) and a domke camera wrap thing on order and hopefully the two together will make a good purse/camera bag combo. Once everything gets here, I'll report back with my findings!

In the mean time, you'll have to suffer through more photos of my cat.



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