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March 16, 2010

Alien Pod?

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. In a good way. I've taken on some freelance projects and between those, trying to practice the ukulele (last week's class was PAINFUL because I didn't practice as much as I wanted), and just life in general...I've got a lot of stuff going on!

But! The bag I mentioned last time? It arrived. And so did the camera wrap. The bag is perfect, and figured I would be happy with it because I was so happy with the first Lug bag I bought. The wrap totally fits around my camera with a short lens (50mm), and it even fits in the new bag with all the regular stuff I carry around. However, it was on the bulky side. Which isn't bad, but I hate the look of a bulky bag. I also think it has a tendency to scream, "I have stuff in here! Please steal me!"

So when we spent some time over in Santa Cruz on Saturday, I tried just shoving the camera in the bag, sans protection, and it pretty much worked! There was one point where I wished I had my wide angle lens with me, but I got over it. I was just glad that I had my camera at all.

It is on the heavy side, so I don't know that I'll drag my camera around with me every day, but I'm thrilled that I found a solution that works for me and cost less than $100. In the past, I've dug out other bags, taken everything out of my regular bag and transferred it to the bag I'm going to use that day and then grabbed the camera (and an extra battery) and shoved it all in there. It wasn't a horrible way to go about things but I tended to just leave the camera behind instead of going through the effort. Since I'm using the new Lug bag on a daily basis, now all I do is grab the camera and shove it in my bag! No digging another bag out of my closet and transferring stuff back and forth.

This new set-up isn't going to replace my camera bag completely, but it totally works to just grab my camera if I think I might want to take a few photos of something and I don't want to lug around a purse and a camera bag. Hopefully this means I'll be taking a lot more photos...or at least building up strength in my left shoulder from carrying around a heavier bag!



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