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March 22, 2010

New Dress

My obsession with shoes is (hopefully) not a shock, though I suppose I do prattle on about them less than I used to. The thing that kind of surprises me a little bit is that in my gianormous list of blogs in google reader, the ones I usually read first are the fashion ones. Wait, scratch that. I read my friend's blogs first, THEN I read the fashion ones.

The reason this is shocking to ME is because I kind of consider myself a walking fashion "don't". Most of my wardrobe is black and grey. My standard uniform of late is a dress over jeans and a cardigan. I try and wear either big stompy boots, flip flops or converse with just about everything. I probably own way too many hoodies than one person should. Also, just about every article of clothing I own is from 3 places: Gap, Old Navy or Target...with a little J. Crew (mostly on sale) thrown in. I bet you had no idea I was such a Fashionista! Ha!

For some reason though, I'm really drawn to fashion blogs. Perhaps it's just being able to see what other people wear without leaving the comfort of my home. Or just see what other people look like, because a fashion blog sort of requires that you take photos of what you're wearing. I think the designer in me just likes seeing how people put things together. I suppose I have taken away a little inspiration occasionally, but I just don't have the guts (or body type) to get away with some of the stuff these gals do. So I guess there's a bit of an admiration thing going on too. Heck, they're just kind of fun.

Here's some of my favorites, in no particular order:

Fashion for Nerds
Bits and Bobbins (especially for the wardrobe remix posts)
Bright Side Dweller
Camp Comfort
Daddy Likey
By Hillary
See Meg Shop
Smiles Go With Everything
Some Girls Wander By Mistake
What I Wore Today

I know this is just a small sampling of what out there, but these are the ones I've stumbled across. Do you have some favorites? Please, do tell!



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