Please Don't Report Me to "Hoarders"
March 24, 2010

Ball of Confusion

Since we're on the subject of "clothes 'n stuff", I thought I'd bring up stockpile syndrome.

I recently became aware of the fact that every piece of furniture I own that holds clothing is full to the BRIM. So full that, as much as I like freshly washed clothes, I hate putting them away because THERE'S NO ROOM. Yet, with all these clothes, I frequently feel like I have nothing to wear. And then, the other day, a little dimly lit light bulb appeared over my head. DUH. It's because I have multiple versions of the same article of clothing. Black v-neck t-shirts? I probably have 6 or 7. Grey v-necks? Roughly the same amount. Black cardigans? I think I'm up to 3, and that's only because I purged one or two to make room for more. My favorite Land's End cardigan? I've got it in six different colors.

Actually, the Land's End cardigan is unique in that I do have it in different colors. Most of the time, I find some shirt I like, and buy multiples of it in black or grey. I have an excuse, sort of. It's mostly because I wear them under dresses, which usually have a pattern or some sort of color. Though even if I'm not wearing them under a dress, I'm just more comfortable in black or grey. DON'T JUDGE. I already admitted I'm a walking "fashion don't".

But here's the other thing. I live in an apartment building, and doing laundry means I'm sharing two washers and dryers with 23 other apartments. It costs me $5 to wash and dry two loads of laundry. Which isn't bad. But the fact that I'm competing for washer/dryer time (and paying per load for it) causes me some anxiety*, so I've come up with a system. Sort of. I do laundry every week-and-a-half to two weeks. So in order to maintain this schedule, I've acquired enough clothes so that I can wear things I like for two weeks and not have to worry about washing them. Maybe I'm the only person who does this? I dunno.

I'm totally down with buying a couple colors of that favorite t-shirt because I know I feel more "me" when I'm wearing something I like. And I think I'll do this even if I do have regular, free access to a washer and dryer. But maybe not to the EXTREME I do it now.

What about you? Do you stockpile? (Please tell me I'm not the only one...)

*Must have enough quarters! Must do laundry on random night when I won't have to interact with a random neighbor! Don't want to touch clothes of someone other than myself that have been left in the washer or dryer! Clearly I have issues.



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