Thrift Wish
May 25, 2010


This is what I want, and I know it's probably close to impossible for many reasons, but would someone please open a thrift store with plus sized clothing? I love the idea of thrift store shopping, but as someone on the larger end of the size label spectrum, it's nearly impossible to find anything. Not impossible, but nearly. In all the times I've meandered through thrift stores, I've had two good finds: a lovely grey cashmere cardigan and a cheesy bridesmaid dress that I was able to fit into for about five minutes (it took me a year to finally take it to the Goodwill). I know that thrifting for average sized people can sometimes be a chore and that it takes time, but when your size is less than average, I find I'm wasting a lot of time because there simply isn't enough options to begin with. Though, maybe I should try to start thrifting again, because it seems like some stores actually carry more generous sizes now, so maybe those items will start ending up in thrift stores? Because I don't think I can handle ordering anything else from Old Navy. I'm kind of done with them.

This past month, I happened to find a pair of Old Navy jeans that I really liked. I had ordered one pair, and they're great. The short length is perfect for wearing with VERY flat shoes. So I went back online to order the regular length. Two days later I got an order update saying that the item I ordered was out of stock. So I decided I would check back every so often in case they got more in stock. This pattern repeated, I kid you not, FIVE TIMES. More jeans came back in stock, I placed an order, two days later, my order couldn't be filled because they were out of stock. I sent angry e-mails to customer service and got nothing except a different customer service person every time who clearly did not understand why I was so upset. And then! By some miracle, all the sizes came back in stock! So I ordered two pairs! Overnight shipping! And they arrived! AND THEY WERE TOO LONG. It seemed that in between that first batch of jeans and this new batch they started cutting them differently. So I placed another overnight order (I'm convinced this was the only way my order was going to get filled before they RAN OUT) for two more pairs of the short version and finally, I have my jeans that are the right wash, and the right length, and OH MY GOD. I don't think I can order anything else from Old Navy or I might go bald from pulling out my hair.

I know there are other options out there besides the Gap conglomerate. I love Anthro, but they're not very size friendly for the plus sized gal (or pocketbook friendly). Mod Cloth is a little bit more nice as far as price goes, but they seem to have limited sizes. So, I'm thinking I might have to delve into the thrfiting world and see what I can find. Or I may break down and start sewing some of my own clothes. Either way, I think I'm just going to have to get used to taking a little bit more time when I need some new duds. Unless someone wants to open that thrift store...



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