Spelling Errors and Excessive Commas, Brought to You by Booze
November 12, 2010


Right now, I've got nothing to tell you except that I just drank an Irish Quaalude.

This all started because weeks ago the boy-fiance said something about Frangelico, so when I was at BevMo earlier this week, I decided to buy a tiny bottle of it, just for fun.

So then tonight, while we were eating sushi to belatedly celebrate our 6-year anniversary, he looked up some cocktail recipes with Frangelico and found the Irish Quaalude. And how convenient was it that there happened to be a BevMo down the street from where we were eating? So we bought the rest of the required ingredients (also tiny bottles)...except, we didn't get white chocolate liqueuer, we just got the regular kind and I think it worked just fine. Oh, we also added milk, because we're wimps. So now we're having an extra happy Friday. Hopefully you are too.



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