The One Where I Reveal My Adoration for Dental Floss
November 17, 2010

New Spot

You might have noticed in my post about finding new music, that I mentioned Amazon a couple of times. Say what you will, but I kind of love Amazon. Granted, I've had issues in the past, but nothing bad enough to make me stop using them. So when I found out they had an app for my phone (I know that links to the iPhone app, but they have one for Android phones too), I downloaded it as fast as my fingers could tappity tap.

Why is it so great? Well, you can scan barcodes or take a photo of something (I've only used this for covers of books), and it finds it on Amazon for you. From there you can add it to your wish list or probably even buy it on the spot (haven't tried that yet). This is all well and good, but the thing that won me over has to do with dental floss.

The boy fiance and I, we like our teeth. So we tend to floss fairly often, and we found a particular brand of Reach floss that we really like. Well, a few month ago, they started changing the packaging* on their dental floss. The change was dramatic enough (different color, not the exact same information) that I didn't know which floss was the one we loved. We were a bit distressed about this - what if they stopped making the one we liked? We were so distraught that we might have bought 10 packages of it when we happened to find some at Walgreens one day.

Eventually, that supply started to dwindle, and it finally occurred to me to use the Amazon app to scan the barcode on the back of the package and see what came up. So I scanned away, and a few seconds later I was looking at a photo of the new packaging of our beloved dental floss! Armed with this new info, I was able to buy some a few weeks ago and confirm that this was the right stuff. VICTORY!

The Amazon Store App - for more than just adding crap to your wish list! You totally want to download it now, don't you?

*For reference, you can see the old packaging here.



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