It's All About the Nuts
November 18, 2010


Do you ever have one of those moments when you see something, a photo or a commercial for something, and all of a sudden your brain says, "You need that RIGHT NOW!"

I had that moment today when reading The Black Apple's post about Walnut Bread. I didn't even KNOW I wanted walnut bread, and then I saw a photo and read a description and something clicked in my head and things weren't going to be right until I had some walnut bread.

The first thing I did when I got home was turn on the oven to preheat because before I did anything else, walnut bread was HAPPENING. I didn't even stop at the store because by some miracle we had everything needed for the recipe. (This is the EXACT reason I keep 3 different varieties of nuts in the fridge at all times - of course now I need to stock up on walnuts because I used them all.)

(It also helped that for once we're not running low on milk, there's actually a milk SURPLUS 'round here.)

So I made walnut bread and it was done in time for me to devour a slice while watching the end of 30 Rock.

That, my friends, is how you make Thursday AWESOME.



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