Letting the Kitten Out of the "Bag"
December 03, 2010

At the vet

So the cats finally met face-to-face tonight.

We let the kitten out of the guest room for a little while, and it went pretty well. No hissing, mostly Miles trying to smell the kitten, and Monk trying to chase Miles. I locked the kitten back up, went out to dinner with some friends and I got home about half an hour ago. I let the kitten out, and Miles was a little timid at first. As though he wasn't sure he was allowed to fight back (despite a wee kitten trying to pounce on him every time he moved). FINALLY, after a few minutes of the kitten chasing him back and forth, he growled, and Monk backed off. Since then they've been chasing each other back and forth between the living room and the guest room.

I think this might actually work...

Photos and/or video soon...



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