Paint It Black (or Bluish-Grey)
January 24, 2011

Wearing the Hermione Hat

That photo up there? That's from November 2005. It's the last time I painted my nails.

I should be more's the last time I painted my fingernails. I've had some sort of issue about painting them for years. Including, but not limited to, feeling like my nails were being suffocated and worrying about the polish chipping off into everything I ate with my hands. My nails have traditionally only been painted on special occasions, e.g my cousins wedding or, as was the case above, a Depeche Mode concert.

My toes however? I've been painting those piggies every summer for years.

So when the almost-sister-in-law gave me a bottle of OPI nail polish for christmas in an awesome dark bluish-grey color (Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees), I didn't want to wait until summer to paint my toes. This past Friday, I painted my fingernails for the first time in over 5 years.

It's taken me all weekend to get used to it, but I kind of like it. It adds a little bit of girly, but the color keeps it from being TOO girly. I even got all proper and did a base coat, two coats of polish, and a top coat! So after a weekend of a little cleaning, a little cooking and even giving the kitten a bath, they haven't really chipped much. I might be able to get used to this!

The only part that's freaking me a out a little? Seeing how fast my nails grow. Though I suppose I'll get over that eventually too.



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