Put the Needle on the Record
January 17, 2011


I've never done one of these before, usually because I'm so bad at realizing if an album actually came out this year or ages ago. But I decided that this sort of list doesn't have to be just albums from the past year. I think it should be albums I listened to in 2010. Which doesn't necessarily mean they were released in 2010, but that I listened to them a whole bunch during the year.

So here goes (in no particular order):

Phantogram: Eyelid Moves
This is one I found via the Amazon "other people who bought that album bought this one too" thing. After listening to some samples I bought it, and it's been in constant rotation since then. I usually tend to lean more folksy/jangly guitar in my music taste, but it's nice to have something with a techy, thumpy vibe sometimes.

Beirut: Gulag Orkestar and The Flying Club Cup
I know that neither of these albums came out in 2010. I had downloaded them AGES earlier, but never really gave them a good listen. And then, in January 2010, I realized that the lead guys plays the ukulele on a good amount of the songs. They've been in constant rotation ever since. Had I given them a good listen when I first downloaded them, I think I would have liked them just as much even if I wasn't learning to play the uke.

Best Coast: Crazy for You
I keep seeing this album pop up all over the place, and for good reason. It's damn catchy. Another one that's been in constant rotation. They put on a fun live show too.

Total Babe: Heatwave EP
The boy-fiance found this one on 3Hive and I instantly fell in love. I've been adding the whole EP to every mix CD I make for my car. I'm hoping they'll come out with some new stuff soon!

Broken Bells: Broken Bells
If you like the Shins, chances are you'll probably like Broken Bells. Heck, maybe if you don't like the Shins, you might still like them. The band features James Mercer from the Shins & Danger Mouse. While it doesn't sound exactly like the Shins, there's an a element of their sound there, but also something completely new. It's a winning combination.

Dum Dum Girls: I Will Be
I've been really into the female vocalists and bands lately, especially those with a sort of fuzzy 90's vibe to them. The Dum Dum Girls totally fit the bill. Haven't been able to remove this one from the CD changer in the car, and I'm okay with that.

Pomplamoose: Videosongs
I have to thank Absquatulate for this one. She sent me an e-mail with a link to Pomplamoose on YouTube and I went and searched out mp3s because I had to hear more! This is another one that I always put on mix CDs for the car. (You might also recognize them from Hyundai's commercials over the holidays.)

Vivian Girls: Vivian Girls
I have my friend Dave to thank for this one. They also fall into the fuzzy guitar girl band category. There's a little bit of a surf rock vibe too, which I also like.

Girls Names: Girls Names EP
One of my twitter contacts, who has excellent taste in music, mentioned this one. I had a feeling I'd like them and once I hunted down some mp3s, I was happy to discover I was right! Another one I'm hoping comes out with some more music soon.

So there you go. Ten mediocre reviews of ten albums I can't stop listening to. I've got links to Amazon up there (my preferred place to buy music), so go take a listen and maybe you'll find something you like too!



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