March 09, 2011


Those of you that have been reading this little blog for a while know that I had a bit of an addiction a couple of years ago. An addiction to buying glasses. Cheap prescription glasses from the internet.

It's been a while, and I've managed to curb the addiction, but that doesn't mean I've stopped browsing for frames. My prescription is probably going to change at some point I'm going to need a new pair. Or five.

So, I've got a list in my head of all the sites I've been visiting, and rather than keep it there, I thought it might be nice to share.

If you're thinking about buying prescription glasses online, I'd recommend reading my original post first. There's a good amount of info there and some helpful links. After you do that, you'll probably want to go to one of these places:

Zenni Optical
This is one of the first places I ordered from. They've vastly improved their site since then (many more search options!). They've got one of the largest selections and good prices. They also ship pretty fast.

Another site I've ordered many a pair of frames from. A wide selection, and good search options (by color, size, etc). I found that they tend to run out of stuff fairly often, but I kept checking back and sometimes frames would come back in stock. They tend to send out coupons sometimes too.

I've only ordered a couple pairs from here. Their selection isn't as great as Zenni or Goggles, but the prices are pretty decent and the shipping was fast. They also send out coupons every once in a while.

My current favorite pair of glasses is from here (they're in the photo at the top). I got sucked in by their "retro" section of frames and I had a coupon. They are more expensive than the other 3 sites, but I feel like the quality is a little bit better (not that the quality was bad from the other 3). Also, if you search around the web a bit, you may be able to find coupon codes.

Spex Club
A friend sent me a link to this site a couple weeks ago, and oh my. So many frames I want to order! But I really love the pair I have now, so I'm holding off. Maybe when my prescription gets updated I'll go here first. Another one where the prices are a little bit higher than Zenni or Goggles, but I'm really impressed with the selection.

Warby Parker
Oh Warby Parker, I love the concept (buy a pair, they give a pair to someone in need) and I do love your frames, but even the women's glasses are just too big for my face. (I tend to search by temple length because that seems to make the biggest difference in fit and almost all their frames are 140 or larger!) Another one that's not super cheap, but probably less than what you'd pay buying from your optometrist. They also will mail you frames to try, which is very cool. If they come out with some styles with shorter temple lengths I'd definitely order some to try.

It's probably a good thing I didn't know about all these places when I first started looking for glasses. So many options! Hopefully you can find something you like. And if you've got any questions about buying glasses online that haven't been answered, I'm happy to try and help!



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