Workin' for the Weekend
July 14, 2011

Nap Masters

I'm honestly too tired to be writing something right now, but I feel the need to move that last post down a bit so it's not the first thing on the page.

(It's always the posts you think will get lots of comments that get none, and the ones where you think no one will respond that people say something. It's the way of the internets.)

It's been a weird day between an emergency vet visit this morning, an anxiously awaited pair of shoes arriving only to have them look weird on me (and they were uncomfortable), and then there was the sort of accidentally on purpose deletion of my entire gmail contact list.

But the cat is doing better, the shoes are being returned, and thank goodness I exported that contact list before I got overzealous with the delete button. I am most definitely ready for this week to be over.

Happy almost Friday!



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