It's All About the Stuffing
November 22, 2011

Early Morning

This Thursday is going to be my first gluten-free Thanksgiving. Well, not the first time I've had to worry about feeding a gluten-free person, but the first time I'll have to eat as a gluten-free person.

My big concern? Stuffing.

I love stuffing. LOVE it. I went through a Stove Top stuffing phase at one point after I moved out, because I love it that much. Even when it's Stove Top. So naturally, I'm concerned. If I were hosting Thanksgiving, I'd find a way to do it myself. In fact, I thought about bringing my own stuffing, but I've sort of run out of time to make that a possibility. So we'll see what happens. My family knows that I'm avoiding gluten, but I think it's going to be hard to incorporate that in every dish on the Thanksgiving table.

But! I am bringing some food. A double batch of make-ahead mashed potatoes (I'll have to post the recipe for them at some point) and this casserole. Though even that I'll have to de-gluten. The topping calls for Ritz crackers, but I think I've found a gluten-free substitute. I'm only making a half batch, just in case it turns out wonky. Though I think it'll probably be fine.

And if I can't eat the stuffing on Thursday, I'm going to hunt down a gluten-free recipe and make some. Even if I don't eat it on Thanksgiving, as long as I get some, I'll be a happy camper.



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