The Gambler
November 23, 2011

New Favorite Boots

These are not just any old pair of boots. These are boots that I internet stalked for months on the John Fluevog site. And when I was finally ready to plunk down the money for them, they were out of my size. Woe!

So I continued to internet stalk them to see if maybe more of my size would be added to the site. No dice. So I sent a message into the Fluevog ether using their "Contact Us" form, and someone replied! They might have a pair! Call us to place an order!

Call? I hate talking on the phone. But I wanted these boots. Bad.

So I called and the nice guy on the other end of the line called the store that supposedly had inventory to double check. Annnd it was an error. They didn't have any. Double Woe! But he suggested I send an e-mail out to the Canadian Fluevog ether to see if they could ship me a pair from the Fluevog homeland. So I did. And then I waited.

But while I was waiting, it occurred to me that maybe I could just order online from the Canadian site. So I browsed on over and instead of selecting U.S. for shopping, I selected Canada. Found my shoes and they had my size! Added them to my cart, and when I selected the U.S. as the ship to country, I got an angry red and yellow box telling me I couldn't do that! I should call a Fluevog store if I was going to order from Canada and ship to the U.S. DAMN.

So I continued to wait for the Canadian Fluevog ether to reply. But I was getting antsy. The site had said there were only 3 pairs left (I love and hate when they do that). I eventually caved and called one of the Vancouver stores. A very nice and helpful guy answered the phone and was happy to help me buy and ship shoes to the U.S. So I finally placed an order! I was going to get my boots! Joy!

I was relaying all of this info to Regan over IM later that day, and she asked me, "Did you try them on in a store first? Do you know if they'll fit?" Gulp. I hadn't tried them on in a store. I had bought Fluevogs before, so I was pretty sure what size I would need. But boots are tricky. I didn't think they'd be tall enough for calf circumference to be an issues, but honestly, I wasn't sure.

And then I realized, this is how I gamble. Forget slot machines, the stock market, or black jack. I ORDER SHOES FROM CANADA.

I figured worse case scenario, if they didn't fit, I could take them with me next time I visit my mom, and ask her to drive me to Canada so I could return them in person.

But it turns out I won't need to do that. I picked up the boots at the post office this morning, and despite a slight panic when I could barely get the right boot on, they fit. The nice guy who helped me with my order had included a note telling me that they would probably be snug at first but to buy some leather stretching spray and then they'd be perfect. So that's exactly what I did, and oh man, did it help! These boots are on their way to being the best boots ever. I may never have to buy another pair!

(Well, at least not for a while.)



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