It's Been A While Since We've Talked About Glasses
October 22, 2012

IMG_20121022_201601. IMG_20121022_182045.

We all know that I had a little bit of an addiction to online eyeglasses. Maybe "a little bit" is an understatement. I have managed to curb the buying of all the frames in the past few months, but then Firmoo contacted me with an offer to try out a pair and I had a hard time turning them down.

Their site reminds me a little bit of Zenni Optical but since their selection is a bit smaller, it didn't take me long to find a pair that I liked (the black pair seem to be out of stock now, but I kind of like the patterned ones too!). When they got here, I think they arrived in one of the nicest cases I've received for eyeglasses at this price. They also came with a little eyeglass screwdriver and some extra screws. I ended up using the screwdriver right away because the arms of the glasses were loose. But once I tightened them up, they felt pretty sturdy for a lightweight pair of plastic frames.

As far as style goes, they're a little bit more square and thin than I like. But the husband* tried them on and they actually look better on him, so I think they're destined for a new prescription pretty soon.

If you've been hesitant to try ordering eyeglasses online, Firmoo may be a good place to start. They offer a free pair for first time customers. Hard to say no to that, isn't it? They were also very nice to deal with when ordering my pair, so I'm guessing customer service is probably pretty decent.

(Many thanks to Firmoo for sending a pair my way!)

* More on that later!



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