Fetch-ing Glasses
November 04, 2012

IMG_20120426_192013 Amy Sacks Specs

Earlier this year (WAY earlier), the nice people at Amy Sacks sent me a pair of frames to check out. I had no obligation to write anything about them, but I wanted to. And then life, as it sometimes does, got in the way.

Better late than never, right?

Especially now, because in preparing to write about these frames, I went to the Amy Sacks website and discovered that they're now called Fetch Eyewear.

So let me tell you a thing or two about Fetch Eyewear!

There seem to be three types of online eyewear retailers out there:

  1. The huge selection, okay quality, low price retailer (Zenni, Firmoo, Goggle4U)
  2. The smaller selection, higher quality, slightly pricier (but still reasonable) retailer (Warby Parker, Lookmatic)
  3. And the ones that sort of fall between those two (Eye Buy Direct, Glasses USA)

I would put Fetch in category #2. Small-ish selection, high quality, and a reasonable price. Though they have the added bonus that they donate their profits to the Pixie Project in support of animal rescue and adoption. Which makes me kind of love them. A lot.

Also, I really like the frames I ordered: Pepper in Olive Tortoise. I love that they're a dark tortoise shell, because I tend to like black frames but I also like the textural look of the tortoise shell, and this frame is a bit of both. The quality is also awesome - these are a well made pair of frames. AND, if that weren't enough, they came in the best case I've EVER received from an online retailer - sturdy with a cute design. Win! They also offer a "Try At Home" thing, so you can make sure you get the frames that look best on you.

I know there are a lot of places you can order eyeglasses online now, and I don't know that one is necessarily better than the others, but I think Fetch Eyewear definitely has a few things going for them, and the next time I need a new pair of frames, I'm definitely ordering a pair from them.



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