The Ugly Green Chair, Now Mobile-Friendly!
July 09, 2016

Driving to work clouds.

I spent most of the past weekend and part of this week messing with code to make this site responsive (which is a word that I never seem to remember when I'm talking about it). It makes me a little giddy to pull the site up on my phone, and it's actually readable! Not that I've offered up much to read lately, but let's not talk about that.

I did not completely overhaul the design on the site, I mostly adapted the existing layout to the new template. I did move things around a bit though. There's a lovely top bar navigation that actually sticks to the top of the page. You might also notice that there's a search bar up there too. There's always been a search function, but it was on a separate page. The new location is so much more convenient. Maybe not a huge deal, as I know I'm probably the one that gets the most use out of that. But the fact that I have over a decade of things archived here, it's nice to be able to look up what year my husband did the AIDS ride, because we can't usually remember what year that was (seven years ago!).

Of course, it may all be for naught, because I don't know if anyone actually goes to sites to read them anymore? Ah well. It makes me happy and I learned things in the process, so I think it was worth the trouble. If you do come to the actual site, I hope you enjoy the updated layout!



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