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December 08, 2002

Two Cows

Don't ask me what I did on my vacation. I'm a bad liar, so I'd shuffle my feet a little and reluctantly admit that I took pictures of cows. Again.

And don't ask me why we decided to go to Arcata again. We've been before. We know there's nothing to do. I wanted to go for some foggy, rainy weather (it was sunny pretty much the whole time). He just agreed to come along.

We did go see a Humboldt State girls basketbal game (they lost), and we did go to a bird sanctuary (for about 20 minutes), and we had a couple of nice dinners. We were also delighted to find that the wheat beer at the Lost Coast Brewery was just as good as we remembered. Although we were disappointed that they replaced the Mars Attacks pinball game with a Monopoly pinabll game which wasn't nearly as much fun.

Alright, so if you ask me what I did on my vacation, I can tell you this: I ate, I drank really good wheat beer, and took pictures of cows. Again.