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December 31, 2002

red mug I was just going to list all these reasons that I would not describe my current state as a-okay.

One of them being the fact that I arrived at work this morning to find my beautiful red mug (in the blurry photo above) had a chip in it (points for you if you guessed that it was not I who caused the chip). One of the other reasons was the fact that I've been at work since 9am and have had absolutely nothing to do. Boredom does not help with the a-okayedness.

But right before I started typing this, the director came over to inform me the VP has graciously allowed everyone to go home for the day. And I bought some super glue type adhesive when I went to grab lunch, and now the lovely mug is mostly repaired. So I'm doing much better now.

Still not a-okay, but better.
I think I could upgrade my current state to...pretty much okay.