magnetic failures
July 08, 2003

Canon Powershot G2

One of my best friends is a teacher and last Saturday, I got to go to the teacher store with her. There is so much cool stuff at the teacher store, I can't even tell you (because I didn't have time to see it all). But I did come across some crafty kits, one being a 'paint clear marbles and make jewelery and magnets!'. Which inspired an "I can do that!" moment. So I came home, and pulled out 2 different types of acrylic paint, and when neither one worked like I thought it should, I tried using some nailpolish. That didn't work all that well either. The results of my craftiness are in the photo above. I'm not all that pleased with them. I think the kit must include some sort of special acrylic paint that doesn't get all streaky on glass. Of course, I was too cheap to shell out $10 to find out.



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