"This ain't no holiday..."
July 13, 2005


We're house sitting. Technically, the boyfriend is, and I'm helping. We stayed at the house on Monday night, to keep the cats company. It's a lovely house, with a view of the mountains from every window. There's a small fountain (wish fish!) INSIDE the house.

But it's also kind of quirky. For example, the ever so slight step that goes from the office/computer area into the bedroom area. The ever so slight step that I forgot about and tripped over on Tuesday morning. Initially, I thought I had done some damage to my ankle, but after saying "owwww" a few times (the key to quickly recovering from most minor injuries), I started to feel a little better. I managed to hobble down the stairs, and realized I could put weight on it, and that I'd probably be fine.

About an hour later, it hit me. The AIDS Walk is on Sunday! Even though my ankle seems to be mostly okay (it's just a tad swollen), walking 6 miles might not be the best idea. I figure I've still got 3 days to recover, and I've got an ankle brace thing that I can wear, so I'm thinking I'll probably be okay.

However, I do find it odd that I have a tendency to fall down when the boyfriend is completely occupied by other things. When I fell and broke my camera he was climbing around the other side of a rock, and completely missed it. This time, he was downstairs, testing out the treadmill. If something similar happens again, I might start to get suspicious...

Side note: If you still want to sponsor me for the AIDS walk, you can do so right here. Even if it's only $5, every little bit helps!



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