"Oh what a perfect day..."
July 18, 2005


As I was driving home last night, the song "Perfect" by The The popped up on the iPod. As I was singing along, it occurred to me, that Sunday had been a pretty perfect day.

I did the AIDS walk with S&C. We had a very tasty lunch at Park Chow in the Sunset. We caught the very end of a free outdoor concert with some friends, and then I got to spend time with my family while we celebrated my step-dad's 64th birthday.

Come to think of it, Saturday was pretty awesome, too. I found a rain jacket for hiking at REI, on sale. Spent the day hanging out with my cousin. We investigated some wedding invitations, we bought cupcakes at Wilson's bakery while taking a peek at their wedding cakes, and I found shorts on sale at Old Navy. We ended the day with swimming and a bbq.

A perfect weekend, but also exhausting (in a good way). I need to go take a nap.



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