Reminder: I am Bad at Reviewing Things
September 12, 2005


To the tall guy standing in front of me for a good portion of the Decemberists show last night: You suck.

I'm sorry, but if you're going to get that close to the stage, at least DO SOMETHING while the band is playing. A foot tap, a head bob, SOMETHING. Don't just stand there like a 6 foot tall totem pole. If you really can't be bothered to show any sort of emotion, at least have the decency to stand at the back of the room and let the short people enjoy the show.

Other than totem pole guy (who did eventually move out of the way a little bit), the Decemberists show last night was fantastic. The first opening band Sons and Daughters were very rockin'. I even bought one of their cds at the show. The next opener, the Sellouts featuring Petra Haden, consisted of 10 lovely ladies and their voices. They sang some very cute and amusing a capella songs, but it felt like the audience lost interest about 15 minutes before they were done. The Decemberists were fabulous. They sang most of my favorite songs, and played a good selection from all their albums. There was a little bit of banter between band members which was amusing. They are also the first band I've ever seen to get the entire audience to kneel down on the floor and be quiet. Definitely a very fun and entertaining show.

Last night was the kick-off for their tour. Go see 'em if you get the chance.



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