Thanksgiving Redux
December 01, 2005

Volvo 122S

Thanks to those of you who offered up your pumpkin pies recipes, they are very much appreciated. However, I think my holiday pie days may be over.

During Thanksgiving at Dad's, I noticed that the side dish my step-grandma (we call her Gammie) always makes (a spinach, artichoke, cheese concoction) was missing. This prompted an, "I knew I forgot something!" response from the step-mom. It was later announced that for the next gathering, I would be making Gammie's side-dish, as my little cousins have taken an interested in the pie making. That's right, I've been promoted to side-dish duty. But I'm hanging on to the pies recipes. You never know when you'll need to make pumpkin pie.

There's a handful of Thanksgiving photos here, if you're interested. A majority of them feature the adorable nephew.

Also, I am already freaking out about Christmas. I know it's only December first, but there's so much to do! Shopping (most of which I'm attempting online), knitting (yay for crafty gifts!), wrapping, and attending holiday gatherings. And I'm going to be in Austin for 5 days in the middle of it all. Gah! I think I'm allowed to freak out just a little...



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