Rain, Rain Go Away - Maybe Just For One Day?
March 21, 2006

You might recall a couple of weeks ago, when I was talking about cooking, and I said something to the effect of "boyfriend cooking = heating up things from Trader Joes". Well, someone took offense to that, and he had every right to. Let me be the first to say that not only does he heat up various things from Trader Joes to prepare us dinner (sometimes lunch too), he puts them together in interesting and unique ways to create a MEAL. Fantastic salads, veggie scrambles, pita sandwich things, and so much more. His cooking is much more than simply heating something up. I'm a pretty lucky gal.

Other random things:
I made a skirt! From one of the Simplicity patterns. It has a zipper, and it fits and everything! I failed horribly to take any photos though.

I finally finished the hat with cables! Looking through the Quick List archives, the first time I listed it in "I Have Been Knitting" was December 23, 2003. That, my freinds, is PROCRASTINATION. And while we're at it, I started the Skully weater at the end of February in 2004. Over TWO YEARS AGO. As of right now, I'm half way done with the back on that puppy. It looks like 2006 is the year for "getting shit done" knitting wise. Go me!

Also, I never thought I would say this, but I'm pretty tired of all the rain. SERIOUSLY. Though it is kind of nice to drive by the reservoir and see that it's full o' water. But c'mon. Is a couple of sunny days too much to ask?



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