March 23, 2006

There are times when I wish I had a Tivo, because I keep forgetting to watch Gilmore Girls and Scrubs. But there are times I'm thankful for my Tivoless life, simply because every once in a while, there are a few commercials that are actually worth watching.

I was in tears on Sunday afternoon. Tears of hilarious laughter as I was trying to explain the Staples "Copy Cat" commercial to the boyfriend. It revolves around a guy tying to make copies of this pie chart, and there's a cat sitting on his desk infront of an easel daubing paint on paper to "copy" the chart. It ends with the whole "You need an Easy Button" line. The funny bits are really getting lost in my poor explanation. But trust me, it's HILARIOUS.

My other favorite commercials are for the new Volkswagen GTI. They revolve around destroying a "pimped" ride in one way or another (flinging the car with a crane!) and offering the new GTI instead. But it's done by a German guy in a white lab coat who says in a heavy German accent, "Time to un-pimp ze auto!" I LOVE IT. The boyfriend and I have been saying that one line to each other all weekend, and it's still not getting old! In fact I just said it to him at lunch, and we still laughed!

I'm kind of bummed that I can't find clips of any of them online right now though. What's wrong with you internet! Hmph. Maybe I'll update this if and when they're available. Until then, you just might have to watch tv (or let up on that fast forward button on the Tivo remote) to see them.

I love the internet again, thanks to Chris:
Un-pimp Your Ride I
Un-pimp Your Ride II
Un-pimp Your Ride III (my fav)
Copy Cat



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