The One Where the Text and the Photo Go Together
March 28, 2006

Elephant Seal Yoga, II

The words "Spring Break" have always been a bit of a joke to me. When I was in school, spring break meant I could work a 40 hour week, and make some extra money. Vacation? Not in my vocabulary. This has also become the case for the Boyfriend. Spring break means either work, writing papers, or catching up so the rest of the semester is bearable. In other words, anything but a break. This year, however, his spring break schedule allowed for a Monday free of anything work or homework related. So I took a vacation day, and we traveled a whole half hour away from home to see some elephant seals.

Despite being very cold and very windy, it was amazing to see the seals up close. It's late in the breeding season and most of the adults have left, but the seal pups (called 'weaners' as they've just been weaned from their mamas) are still hanging around trying to get the hang of that whole "swimming" thing. They really are fealress, and were actually kind of hamming it up while we all stood there and snapped photos. It was worth every penny of the $10 we paid for our guided walk. The rain even held out until we were done with our walk and safely back in town. Not a bad way to spend 'Spring Break', if you ask me.

(There are a couple more seal photos on flickr, if you're interested.)



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