May 01, 2006

Have I mentioned my adoration for the Maneki Neko? I've always loved going in to a restaurant or shop and finding a large lucky cat raising a paw at me. The Maneki Neko cat makes me happy.

The internet also makes me happy. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned something about wonky turn signals on my car. Hal, loing-time reader and Beetle owner, mentioned in the comments that he had a similar problem and left a link with info about fixing it. I then sent this info on to the boyfriend. He's better with cars than I am. We then consulted with our friend the Volvo Mechanic. He's helped me out with my car before, despite that fact that it's not a Volvo (incidentally, he's also the reason I end up taking photos of funky, old Volvos). He took a look at my car, determined that it was in fact the relay, and then ordered the part for me. This past Saturday morning, he replaced it. All at no charge to me, because he's a really nice guy. Also, because I hem his pants for him, at no charge.

Due to my internet friends and my non-internet friends, I'm feeling pretty lucky. Which is a good thing. Because last Wednesday morning when I accidentally picked up a dead mouse head from the floor in the den, lucky was the last thing I was feeling.

But I'll tell you more about that later.



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