I Miss You, Internet
April 13, 2009


There was a little whisper of a power outage in my area last Wednesday. I don't think it lasted more than a few minutes (I didn't have to totally reset the clock on the oven). However, it seemed to be enough to either bork the modem or the DSL line that brings the intarwebs into our home.

That's right, we haven't had internet since Wednesday and we are very sad about it. Also, we maybe depend on the internet a little bit too much (but we're okay with that).

After WAY too much time spent on the phone to AT&T, and two techs coming out to inspect and supposedly fixing the outside line, we still have no internet. So today, after more time on the phone and me practically yelling at an AT&T phone answering person, I called Comcast. By next Tuesday we should have internet and phone service provided by someone other than AT&T. I'm bummed that it's going to take a whole week in order for that to happen, but kind of happy that I won't have to deal with AT&T for the internet anymore (this isn't the first time they've screwed something up and been generally unhelpful).

It's killing me that I can't upload photos to flickr on a regular basis though. At least I can check e-mail on my phone, otherwise I think I would have totally lost it by now.

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