Bizarro Me
August 11, 2010

Abstract Span

I have a problem, internet. Not a big problem, but something that's become a bit of an annoyance. And while I love the internet and it's e-mail capabilities, I think it's also causing some of the problem indirectly. This is the thing. There's someone out there who created a gmail account for herself, and then she seemed to sort of forgot what it was and now thinks that her email address is actually one of mine (because for some reason I feel the need to have 15 different e-mail addresses).

It appears that "Bizarro Whitney" and I have the same first AND last name (to quote my friend Jessica "I am not a unique snowflake!") and Bizarro Me thinks that she somehow registered an e-mail address using our name. But I did. AGES AGO. So now I get all sorts of e-mail that is supposed to go to her. And either she doesn't use e-mail that much or she just uses her gmail account for a few things, because I don't receive THAT much of her e-mail but I do get things like:

- confirmations for tickets purchases for plays (she's going to see Little Women!)
- someone from a dance studio sending her mp3s of songs that they're dancing to
- she was looking for housing on
- she signed up for a contest to win furniture!

Someone suggested I look her up on Facebook, which I tried but no luck. The fact that Bizarro Me doesn't understand what her own e-mail address is makes me think that something like Facebook might be too much for her to handle.

Oh! And the reason I partially blame the internet for this is because of the google. Did you know that, for example, "firstnamelastname @" is the same as "firstname.lastname @"? I didn't know that until a few months ago. While it's kind of a cool feature, it's certainly not helping this situation. THANKS GOOGLE.

So I'm not sure what to do. I did reply to the woman at the dance studio and mentioned that she should maybe let Bizarro Whitney know that the e-mail address she thinks she has? Not actually hers. Not sure if that will help or not.

Until I figure out how to resolve this, I may just have to give occasional updates on what my Bizarro Self has been up to. Maybe she'll get tickets to Wicked!



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