Of Course This Would Happen on a Monday
August 16, 2010

Not Your Average Hydrangea

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I remembered that I had wanted to write a hair-iversary post. (To be really accurate about it, I would have had to do it on August 1st. Since it's now August 16th, I'm not really concerned about being too accurate.)

So I made it in to work and decided that if things were slow, maybe I'd type up a hair-iversary blog post. Minutes later, I checked my e-mail and realized that my iTunes account had been hacked. Somebody spent close to $80 on apps for their iPhone. With MY iTunes account. After I got over the initial panic, I changed some passwords, reported fraudulent charges to Paypal, and called Apple. My brain has pretty much been mush since then.

Between the recent bike thefts at our apartment building (Cyrus, Seth and one of our neighbors have all had mountain bikes stolen) and the iTunes account hacking, I'm feeling pretty wary about life - online and off. So I'm going to go home and cook something for dinner (standing in the kitchen and chopping things with a big knife tends to make me feel better) and maybe later this week we can celebrate a year of me cutting my own hair.

Right now, I just want to celebrate making it through Monday.



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