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October 25, 2010

Lines and Dots

My beloved car is fast approaching the ripe old rage of 10, and she's got a few issues. Some of them are minor, and not too bad to deal with:

  • the driver's side door doesn't usually lock on the first try - i have to unlock and relock
  • If I sit in the car and don't start it, it likes to lock the doors after a few minutes. I usually forget that it's done this and when I start it the alarm goes off (my neighbors must LOVE me)
  • Along the same lines, if I leave the drivers side door open too long, the alarm goes off
  • the lights behind the temperature regulating part of the dash don't always turn on. I've got to bang it with my fist Fonzi style to get it them to come on

Not too bad, right?

The one I can't deal with? After getting her back form the mechanic on Friday, the stereo has stopped working. Which means NO MUSIC. I can't drive my car without tunes! I keep furiously pressing the "On" button, and nothing happens. I thought maybe it was an easy fix...the mechanic forgot to reconnect something. But I took it back today and after a good 15 minutes of fiddling, he couldn't figure it out. So she'll be spending MORE time with him this week so he can figure it out. I'm crossing my fingers that it's minor and maybe a result of the work he did on it last week (new air pump!) so I don't have to dump more money into this car.

Maybe y'all can cross your fingers for me too? I think I'll need all the help I can get on this one...



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