Good Times Never Seem So Good
December 13, 2010

Sleepy kitten

This weekend's baking triumph:
I made a double batch of pie dough, and divided it in two. When I was ready to roll it out, I decided to weigh each one (yay kitchen scale!). I figured I could use the larger one for the bottom crust of the pie. You guys? They weighed the EXACT SAME AMOUNT. I accidentally divided a mass of dough exactly in half. Kitchen Win! Maybe this is a talent I didn't know I had?

In kitteh news:
They're still chasing each other around and tumbling all over the place and there's still a little yowling when Miles has Monk pinned to the ground, but we've figured out something. Monk? He's a whiner. He's whines about everything. Pick him up and he wants to get down right away? It sound like he's being tortured. So, he may not necessarily be hurt while Miles has him in a head-lock, but he is going to make a lot of noise about it. Still, we've got a squirt bottle at the ready to break up any fights. Other than that, I think they kind of enjoy each other's company.

In totally pointless news:
I helped my friend Jessica sing "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond at karaoke on Saturday night and IT'S STILL STUCK IN MY HEAD. Though, I suppose there are worse things that could be stuck there...



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