Green Thought
March 16, 2009


My department at work is hosting a Meet-n-Greet thing tomorrow morning, and in the various e-mails and meeting notices we've been repeatedly reminded to wear green (it is St. Patrick's Day). I'm kind of wishing I had bought these boots. Even if wanted to buy them right this minute, I don't think even Zappos could have them here by 10:30am tomorrow. Though I would definitely have them in time for next year...

On the kitteh front, I spoke a little bit too soon about him not realizing the time change and us getting a little bit more sleep. Apparently that was only a two night anomaly. Whatever time he decides to wake us up, it's consistently earlier than the day before. I think drastic measures may have to be taken if either one of us would like to regularly wake up at decent hour. Perhaps the can of coins method to make a startling noise, because the squirt bottle isn't working very well anymore.

Also, I spent some time reading a little bit about this particular early morning wake-up behavior on the catster forums (the google brought me there), and there was some decent advice, but also? People were writing entries as though their cat were the one typing and referring to themselves as "mommy" and "daddy". Am I wrong to find this a little bit...weird? I mean I love my cat and everything, but I never think of myself as his "mommy". Perhaps I'm just old and jaded. Though we do know I have a touch of the Crazy Cat Lady in me, so maybe check with me in a year or two...perhaps I'll be proudly referring to myself as Miles' mommy and he'll be the one writing this blog.

Oh, and don't forget this:




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